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I LOVE LA is the inaugural exhibition for Edition One Hundred, curated by Founder Cat Jimenez. I LOVE LA features the artwork of six Los Angeles-based artists who have moved and inspired her.
brian cross
Augustine Kofie
estevan oriol
Augustine Kofie
Estevan Oriol
Miles Regis
Katie Shapiro

Tasya van Ree



Please tell us about the contributing artists and why you selected them for “I LOVE LA.”
I chose to work with six individuals whose work either I have been following for many years, or have just discovered within the last twelve months.

When I first moved to Los Angeles, over 10 years ago, I would see the name B+ in various magazines like The Fader and Dazed & Confused and his work completely resonated with me. And his name, well that was easy to remember. I went to a film screening at Bergamot Station for KeepinTime, and I was happy to see his work expand to motion. Cut to today, approximately 9 years later, and I feel like I am watching a maestro who has mastered his instrument. He moves back and forth between the still and motion so seamlessly now, as evidenced in his latest project Timeless. It's been a pleasure to watch his eye expand. I've had the opportunity to showcase his photography through other capacities, but this is the first time I get to be the purveyor of his photography. He's developed such a great following of individuals who appreciate his art and his offerings through the production house of Mochilla. And, I am certainly one of them.

Estevan Oriol. He is one of those photographers that remind me that photography, and good photography is about access, and trust—a perfect combination for making compelling imagery. Once you see his black and white photographs of LA’s Latino culture, you can't forget them. He gave us a prolific and in depth observation into a culture that might not be so welcoming. Curating a show about Los Angeles has to include Estevan who has captured so many facets of Latino culture.

Augustine Kofie. In January of 2010 at the LA Art Show, I watched Kofie literally paint and draft on a stretched piece of canvas over 100 x 100 feet large over the course of three days and I (alongside hundreds) were mesmerized. I knew I had to ask him to participate in Edition One Hundred. Not to mention that the world over recognizes him as one of the best street artists residing in Los Angeles. He, alongside a collective of other well-known street artists, makes living in Los Angeles beyond palatable and palpable, creating large mural pieces all over the city. Angelenos are proud to claim this artist as our own.

Miles Regis is a force of a Caribbean nature, completely unstoppable and his creativity absolutely relentless. He is a father, a husband, and a very prolific painter. An opportunity to work with him is a real pleasure because he is such a beautiful spirit and his work is infused with his essence He's a hard worker, committed and passionate, excited and sincere, and his work is a reflection of these qualities. Being a father and a husband also informs his work and he strives to create a better place in which to live, no doubt for himself, and absolutely for the children he is raising so beautifully.

I found Katie Shapiro's work by way of The Lucie Foundation and the Month of Photography Los Angeles (April 2010).  I wasn't familiar with her work until a few months ago but loved the portraits she made of these children who seemed more like angelic creatures. The innocence and trust in the child's eyes were heartfelt and the way in which she captured these images made a lasting impression on me. Edition One Hundred is just as much about showcasing new and emerging artists as it is about celebrating the well-known individuals here in Los Angeles.  I believe she has a bright future ahead of her and am excited to be able to work with her early on in her career.

Tasya van Ree has a classic feeling to her work. When I first looked at some of her female studies, I was reminded of Helmut Newton. Her work is completely intuitive, not studied and absolutely timeless. Since I've known Tasya, she has continued to impress and surprise me with her innate sensibilities of an artist, whether it's painting, writing or photography. She's more than a triple threat, indeed.

Please talk about your intuitive feelings about providing Edition One Hundred services for established artists, cult artists, and unknown artists.
I hope that Edition One Hundred functions as much for the artists as it does for the collectors. What I envision is that artists will gain new audiences and collectors will have an opportunity to purchase a piece of art that only 99 other people in the world will own. I think that is special. No matter what stage in an artists career, I believe it's important to embrace technology and Edition One Hundred endeavors to be a destination where emerging and successful artists will want to participate, an in return also reap the benefits of making sales.

If an established artists sells a piece in a traditional gallery for say, $10,000, and takes home 50% of that, or $5,000.00, that's incredible. That artist stands to make the same type of money here at Edition One Hundred if an edition sells out. In addition, they get to raise awareness about their charity of choice, which will receive 10% of each print sale (from Edition One Hundred's side), and, they have opened the door to new and future collectors.

You mentioned “the curated experience.” How you would you describe that experience as both a curator, and as a viewer ?
As curator, it's wanting to create a certain experience or idea or set of ideas for the viewer. As the viewer, it's how I am able to organize what I am seeing in my head. The curated experience translates to the intention, or the way the work is presented, structured, or organized to create a desired result, effect or impact.

In the end, this is where words and art work well together. In the instance of I LOVE LA artists, it's much less about the art moving together as a sum total, as it is much more about the artists themselves, living in Los Angeles and creating a great energy around their art with LA being the backdrop to where this occurs.


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